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I’m not sure if this story is true or just one of those things that get started on the web and take on a life of their own. Although this happened 149 years ago, and not exactly a hot internet topic. That said, here’s the story:

A Confederate soldier reported the next story from his experiences in the Gettysburg Campaign.

“It was just before the Battle of Gettysburg and our regiment was camped on the suburbs of a pretty Pennsylvania town. A stream was near the camp, and one afternoon I suggested to some of the boys in my company that we take a bath and a swim. They took to the idea, and likewise to the water, in quick time. There were no in the houses in the immediate vicinity, except for one on a hillside about half a mile away belonging to an old spinster lady.

“We had been swimming for a while when a boy trudged into camp in search of the captain. He had a note from the old maid, which read:

“Dear sir : I wish you would order your men out of the stream. I can see them plainly through my brother’s field glasses! “