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During the Maryland campaign leading up to the Battle of Antietam Confederate soldiers had nothing to eat but mostly apples and green corn, leading the soldiers to jokingly refer to their time in the state as the “Green Corn Campaign.” It wasn’t just the men but sometimes their generals. Here’s one incident involving none other then “Stonewall” Jackson.


“During the summer of 1911 a party of Confederate veterans came here to visit the field and among them were several who had been detailed by Gen. Stonewall Jackson to deliver a message from him at the Dunker Church to Gen. A. P. Hill, who was approaching the Confederate right from the Blackford Ford by way of the Miller sawmill road south of the town. The man said that before he left General Jackson he gave him a drink of milk out of his canteen that he had just a short time before milked from a cow back of the Dunker Church woods. He also said there had been five detailed to go through with the message and of the five who started one was killed, two were wounded and only two got through. When they reached the General he was eating green corn from the cob which he had just gotten in a field near by”.

“The Battlefield of Antietam” (R. C. Miller) 1906